Pricing & Resources

Each individual is unique and will receive an initial fitness assessment of their cardio respiratory, strength and endurance, and flexibility. Circumference measurements are taken in the beginning of the program to determine the body’s changes from fat to lean mass. We will assess realistic short and long term goals and establish a game plan based upon your individual fitness level, as well as taking into consideration prior history of injuries. Our on-going dialogue will address your workout schedule, target heart rates, as well as your adherence and maintenance of healthy life choices. We will work together to bring energy and fitness into your life!

  • $165 includes initial assessment and two training sessions for program design and proper form for safety and optimal success!
  • $210 includes initial assessment, two training sessions and follow-up assessment (two months after continued adherence to program)
  • $60 Individual 45 minute sessions
  • $45 Individual half hour session
  • $25/person small group one hour sessions ($15 each additional person, 5 people max.)


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